Ham and Mushroom Lasagne

This is a favourite dish of mine and is especially good with left overs from a Christmas ham


6 sheets lasagne noodles (fresh is best)
500gm mushrooms
100gm butter
3 shallots or 1 onion chopped
100ml chopped tomato or tomato paste
300gm leg ham
3 slices pancetta
3 fresh bocconcini (these are little fresh mozzarella cheeses)
freshly grated parmesan (heaps)
chopped parley

Bechamel sauce
600ml milk-blade mace, 1 small onion,parsley stalk and bayleaf
120gm butter
60gm flour
freshly grated nutmeg
small pinch salt and freshly ground pepper


Butter a lasagne dish and prepare the bechamel sauce- put milk in saucepan with ingredients listed next to it
Bring it to the boil and set aside. When ready to use it melt the butter in another saucepan
add the flour and stir till smooth-pour the strained milk into it and cook over heat until smooth stirring the whole time.
Season with salt and pepper. Set aside.

Cut the ham and pancetta (or prosciutto) into small chunks and process in the food processor.
Melt 100gm butter in a frypan and saute the chopped onion until soft,then add the chopped mushrooms, tomato and cover until the mushrooms begin to release their juice- remove the lid and stir until the water evaporates, stir in the chopped parsley.

To assemble-
Cook the lasagne noodles in boiling water until soft then line the dish with enough sheets to completely cover the base.
Spread on the mushrooms evenly
Slice the bocconcini cheese and arrange the slices evenly over the top.
Add another layer of noodles
Spread the minced ham on top, then the bechamel sauce
Scatter the surface with finely grated parmesan cheese(a good layer) *i usually add some pats of butter on top before i cook
Bake at 320-F or 160-C 30-45mins until the top is golden brown

Serve with fresh green salad and crusty bread

recipe from Penny Smith

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