Seafood Flan

Don’t know why this was called seafood flan because the main ingredient in the recipe is canned tuna. I decided to keep the name as it is a very old recipe that I have had for years and want to preserve its originality.  I happened to have a can of salmon so used that instead of the tuna – both are nice – and maybe I should try it with fresh seafood – certainly cant see any reason why it wouldn’t work



Shortcrust pastry

1 cup plain flour

pinch salt, baking powder

60 gms butter

2-3 tblspns water


Sift flour salt and baking powder into a bowl. Rub in butter lightly and evenly until mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Add water, stirring with spatula or knife to form a stiff dough. Knead lightly on floured board to fit a fluted flan ring.

Press pastry well into flutes, being careful not to stretch it. Ensure pastry is thin. Bake blind in a moderate oven for 15 mins. Prick well,



2 small chopped onions

30gm butter

200gm canned tuna, drained

2 tblspns dry vermouth or sherry

3 eggs

1 cup milk

1 tblspn tomato paste or sauce

1 tblspn parsley

Salt and pepper

2 tblspns grated cheese

Fry onions in butter until tender. Add tuna and stir gently for a few minutes.  Season with salt & pepper.  Pour on wine and boil and boil for few minutes. Allow to cool

In a mixing bowl beat eggs milk and cream, tomato paste and parsley

Blend in the seafood and onion. Pour into pastry shell and sprinkle cheese over top

Bake in moderate oven for 30 – 35 minutes


seafood flan

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