Bifteki – Little Meatballs

spicy greek meatballs

1kg minced meat – combination of beef pork and lamb is good
chopped up parsley, mint,thyme
Saute cummin seeds, cloves, cinammon, allspice in a little oilive oil slowly – just until aromas come through
Put into blender
Put red wine or milk in a bowl and add 1 cup breadcrumbs (or bread)and allow to soften
Add salt pepper and chilli, spices, herbs,2 eggs maybe some paprika as well
1/2 tspn bicarbonate soda

Shape into little tiny balls and dust with flour
Fry in mixture of olive oil and butter. Toss around in the pan rather than trying to turn them over

The smaller the bifteki the spicier it should be – add chilli to adjust

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