Chicken Stock

There is nothing more satisfying than to have a pot of chicken stock simmering away on the stove, especially in winter

chicken stock

Not hard to make . I usually buy 3-4 chicken carcasses, put them in a big pot and cover with water. Add some chopped carrot, chopped celery and onion. Some black peppercorns and a bayleaf or two. Bring to a slow boil and skim off all the scum that rises to the top. This needs a bit of time to make sure you are left with a beautiful clear broth at the end. Lower the heat to just a simmer and leave it to develop over the next few hours. You can use it after an hour however the longer it simmers the  better it will be.

Take off the heat and strain into clean pot. If not using all at once you can divide it p into containers and store in the freezer till needed.

Don’t let it boil if you want to use it for soups etc however you can reduce it after its been strained into a more gelatinous consistency – for extra gelatine – use chicken feet along with the carcasses.

You can also use a whole chicken, then chop up the meat to use in your soup – try the avgolemono soup

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