Charred Red Peppers

Take as many red peppers or capsicums as you like and either place them on a hot bbq and cook till charred all over or place on rack in oven. Once cooked place in paper bag to soften and make it easier to peel off the skin. Its ok if some bits of blackened skin are left on. Slice into large strips and set aside. At this point they can be frozen for later use.

Once thawed or ready to use, heat up some olive oil and add several cloves of garlic to your taste (my mum puts far too many in for my liking but tastes really good)
fry the garlic and then add the red peppers for just long enough to heat them up – no need to cook them. Arrange on serving dish – can also pour over the oil and garlic to keep moist.

Long green peppers can be ooked this way as well.

Serve with fetta cheese and crusty greek bread

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