Greek Easter

Easter time is here once again. The kitchen is in full swing with eggs being painted red, baking the Easter bread and preparing for Easter Sunday. After midnight mass on Saturday a traditional Greek Easter soup is prepared where in years gone by everybody would gather at friends homes to eat together and to break the fast. Made of traditionally yucky parts of the lamb like intestines, liver kidney etc it is not to everybodys’ taste but I have to admit over the years I have developed a taste for it and look forward to this soup every Easter. You can’t buy intestines any more in Melbourne which is a real shame as it was tasty. My mother boils a sheeps head and uses the meat from the cavities to add extra flavour to the soup.

Easter Sunday the family gathers for a big hearty lunch. The family is too small these days for the traditional lamb on the spit however our feast is quite hearty never the same.

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