Rice Soup with Avgolemono

I hated soup when I was young and there was many a time I had to battle over getting it down my throat. I was such a pain for my poor mother to cook for but this soup was one of those dishes that would send me screaming out of the house in a hysterical fit.
Yes there were times that we were forced to eat a few spoonfuls when we were visiting friends for dinner but I always felt it was stuck in my throat and would not go down.

Over the years my taste for food has altered dramatically and this is a soup I now enjoy on occasions. Still not my favourite and will always opt for something else but when I do sit down and have a bowl I do really enjoy it much to my amazement. I learnt to make this because my two boys absolutely love it

You need about 6 cups of chicken stock (home made of course) and rice in proprtion to how thick you like it. (My boys like it so thick its almost a risotto but that is not the proper way)
About 1/3 cup of short grain rice should be about right.
You need 2-3 eggs and the juice of a large lemon, salt & pepper to taste (white peppr goes well)

To make it
Bring stock to the boil and add rice and salt. Stir until stock returns to a slow boil. Cover and simmer for 20 mins or until rice is tender.

In a medium sized jug beat the eggs until light and creamy – those hand held stick whisk are great for this. Gradually add in the lemon juice and continue beating. Then take about 1 cup hot liquid from the rice and and whisk into the egg lemon mixture.
Remove soup from heat and gradually add mixture to soup. Keep stirring fairly vigourously until well incorporated. Adjust seasoning and serve immediately in bowls with added pepper if desired.

chicken soup with rice and lemon

** Small noodles may be substitued for rice or risoni which is a pasta that looks like large rice grains

Note: Traditionally the eggs are separated with the eggwhites beaten first until stiff before egg yolks are added but over the years this has been adapted with no significant consequences to taste or texture.

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