Green Beans with Fresh Tomato

The Greek way – its summer in Australia and green beans are plentiful in the garden
my mum cooks these all the time..I don’t know if its her cooking or because they come freshly picked from the garden
You need about 1 kg green beans washed and trimmed – remove any strings and preferably they come freshly picked from the garden …..oh well its ok for some!!!
…..anyway fry up 2 chopped onions in olive oil (1 cup) and add the beans, and tomato puree…….(bottled from fresh tomatoes and stored till needed)…..about 600mls..or 1/2 kg fresh tomatoes (from the garden of course)…..also add any fresh herbs that you care for, lots of parsley, dill etc..salt and pepper. Add all ingredients except beans to pot, boil for 5mins and then add beans, cover and cook till soft.

These can be served hot or cold according to weather. Must have crusty bread and feta cheese to eat with them, and a tomato/onion Greek salad goes well.

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