Moroccan Harissa Tomato & Bell Pepper Beef

I don’t often cheat with cooking however there are some yummy shortcuts. Passage to Morocco has some amazing simmer sauces and the Moroccan range includes the “Moroccan Harissa Tomato & Bell Pepper Beef.” Its a little hot which I love but if you are not into the spicy heat then this is not for you. personally I can never find sauces etc that are hot enough for my taste so this is delicious to my taste buds.

Passage to Morocco

These simmer sauces are simple enough if you follow the instructions on the pack. Pan fry the meat to seal in the flavours, add the sauce and simmer. Forty minutes to cook beef for this sauce. Add some raisins or apricots and some almonds to authenticate the dish. Serve with cous cous.

I usually cook these dishes in the slow cooker. Diced beef straight into the slow cooker and sauce poured over – stir to combine the meat with the sauce. Set and forget till you come home from work.

Today I felt like adding some Mediterranean vegetables so I stir fried some chunky pieces of diced zucchini, eggplant, potato carrot and green capsicum and added them to the slow cooker when I got home from work.

moroccan beef

Ingredients of sauce : Water, tomatoes 29%, sugar, red chilli puree 4%, dehyrdrated red bell peppers 3.5%, spices, garlic 3%, lemon juice 3%, vinegar, salt, corn starch, citrus fibre, vegetable gum (xanthan).

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