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Chicken Kebabs


Traditionally most Greek kebabs are known to use lamb however chicken is a lovely alternative – cut up the chicken and marinate in mixture of olive oil lemon crushed garlic salt and oregano. Thread onto skewers and cook on preheated grill or barbeque. Brush with marinade as it is cooking




Delicious calamari takes me right back to the greek islands in a flash. There is a difference between calamari and squid so when you buy it make sure you are getting what you pay for. Calamari is generally more expensive. Ask the fishmonger to clean it for you but you can clean it yourself. Cut […]

Greek Salad


I have seen many variations of Greek Salad in my time but the most traditional is home grown tomatoes , quartered and halved with slithers of onion, cucumber cut into either slices or quartered pieces. I like to add some green or red chilli and of course some lovely feta cheese either layered over the […]




This is my recipe I have had since 17yrs of age…..I made it up watching my mother cook the moussaka…she never had a recipe for anything in those days and since then it has gone through many changes ……so you can adapt this basic recipe to your own taste Make this your first step- Eggplants […]

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