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Rice Soup with Avgolemono

I hated soup when I was young and there was many a time I had to battle over getting it down my throat. I was such a pain for my poor mother to cook for but this soup was one of those dishes that would send me screaming out of the house in a hysterical […]


Green Beans with Fresh Tomato

The Greek way – its summer in Australia and green beans are plentiful in the gardenmy mum cooks these all the time..I don’t know if its her cooking or because they come freshly picked from the gardenYou need about 1 kg green beans washed and trimmed – remove any strings and preferably they come freshly […]


White Bean Soup

(this is Greece’s national dish) 1/2 kg white beans2 carrots3-4 stems celery with leaves1 onion chopped1 small can tomato or 3-4 fresh tomato’s1 cup oil (optional)salt, pepper Soak beans overnight.Change the water and boil for 5 minutes and then drain the water. Use about 10 cups fresh water add the beans and simmer over medium […]


Cabbage Rolls with Lemon Sauce

I have always hated cabbage rolls however whenever my mother makes these I cannot resist. I have learned to appreciate the delicate flavours and light texture of this dish. I have never tried to make these however here is my mothers recipe as best I could recreate You need 500gm ground beef 1 1/2 kg […]

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